Our services range from general medical, healthy ageing and illness prevention, to infant health and allied health. Bremer Medical Centre provides care for the whole family.

Our patients can access the following range of health services:

We also support Queensland Government Health initiatives.


General Practitioner Services


The practice runs on an appointment system with allowances made for emergencies.

Patients are seen in this order:

  • Emergencies
  • With an appointment
  • Without an appointment.

We offer standard 15 minutes consultations and longer consultations can be requested or booked online.

Longer appointments are generally advised for situations such as Health Assessments, First Antenatal visits, Pap Smears, Travel vaccines, skin procedures, mental health care plans and chronic disease management plans. Our doctors always run on time, please understand if there is a delay, it is usually due to an unexpected complexity in preceding consultation. Our reception staff will notify you of any unforeseen delays to your treatment.

Please note, if you fail to attend your appointment without providing at least 2 hours’ notice, a non-attendance fee of $50 applies.

Telehealth Appointments

Our practice offers telehealth telephone and Video consultations to patient where clinically appropriate. Telehealth appointments can be booked online or by phone. Patients are provided an appointment time per as per the Appointment system.

Patients are notified of the appointment time and requested to be available up to 15 minutes after the nominated appointment in the event the GP may be running late. Patients are sent an SMS reminder via Hotdoc for the appointment reminder.

For eligibility on who can access Telehealth please visit our website for detailed information or ask the receptionist to provide you a copy. Telehealth appointments also incur out of pocket fee if you are not eligible for Bulk Billing.

  • Repeat prescriptions.

In the interest of your best health it is not our policy to issue repeat prescriptions without a doctor seeing the patient.  In most cases you will be bulk-billed for a brief consultation.

Referrals and medical certificates

An appointment with the doctor is usually necessary to receive a referral.  Medical certificates always require a consultation unless it is a continuation of an existing certificate.

  • Pathology and Radiology results

When pathology and x-rays are ordered please discuss with your doctor what arrangements are preferred for you to obtain the results.

In many cases you will be required to make a follow up appointment with the doctor.  Staff will not have access to the results but will have access to the doctors comments on the results and these will be able to be passed on to you.

If there are further matters arising from your results which require discussion with your doctor, an appointment should be made.

Patient recalls and reminder system

Our Practice is committed to preventive and holistic health care and follows best practice guideline. We send recall and reminders messages with your prior consent in place. If you do not want to be part of this reminder system, please tell the receptionist or your doctor.

Bremer Medical Centre also sends an appointment reminder- if you do not wish to receive appointment reminder, please inform the receptionist.

Test results or Procedure results

If you had a test done, please be sure to contact the clinic 2-3 working days following the test for the results, or as advised by your Doctor.

It is our policy not to notify patients if an appointment with the doctor is not required following the tests. Recalls are done regularly if the doctor is willing to follow up regarding results.

After hours services

Bremer Medical Centre ensures that arrangements for 24-hour medical care for regular patients of the practice have been made. When the surgery is closed our telephones answering service will instruct you on our practice opening hours as well as providing information of accessing care outside normal opening hours. We are registered with after-hours service, and they are contactable on 13SICK (13 74 25) to ensure our patients have 24-hour care.

For emergencies Dial 000

Home Visits / Out of Surgery Visits

Home visits are at discretion of the treating doctor. Home Visits are deemed on certain conditions only, for our current patients which have following conditions:

  • Immobile
  • Elderly
  • Disability

(Or you can request for a telehealth consult)

* Where possible we prefer you to come to the surgery where we have all our equipment available.


All instruments are sterilised on the premises with state-of-the-art sterilisation procedures.

Telephone Policy

If you wish to talk to your doctor or nurse, please do not hesitate to contact us during operating hours. If the person you wish to speak is not available, please leave a message with reception staff and they will contact you as soon as possible. If your call is urgent, please be sure to tell the person taking your message. Staff will take your details and will only interrupt a consultation if deemed necessary.

Electronic Communication

Even if you have provided electronic contact details, not everyone is proficient in communicating via electronic means. Prior consent is obtained before engaging in electronic communication.

Electronic communication includes email, facsimile and Short Message Service (SMS). Our patients are informed of the risks associated with some methods of electronic communications and that their privacy and confidentiality may be compromised.

Nursing and Medical Students

As a commitment to assisting the training of young doctors and Nurses, Bremer Medical Centre provides placements for University of Queensland medical student. If you attend at a time a student is here and you do not wish the student to be part of your consultation, please advise the receptionist so that the student will be requested to leave the consultation room.

Patient feedback, rights and complaints

We welcome any feedback that will help us to improve our service. We take your concerns, suggestions, and complaints seriously.

If we have done something well, please let us know and ask the receptionist to handover the feedback form.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the services, we provided to you or if you feel your rights are not supported, we would appreciate your comments. Your Doctor or the Practice Manager is available to discuss any problem you may have.

Should you wish to make a formal complaint please contact The Office of the Health Ombudsman in writing, speaking or emailing their website at:

Business Innovation
Office of the Health Ombudsman
PO Box 13281, George Street, Brisbane Qld 4003
P: 133 OHO (133 646) to make a verbal complaint.
E: info@oho.qld.gov.au
W: www.oho.qld.gov.au