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Workers’ compensation is an insurance scheme funded by contributions from employers that provides financial benefits to injured workers to cover medical and other health related expenses, weekly payments, rehabilitation, and lump sum payments for permanent impairment.

The general practitioner has a pivotal role in the completion of necessary documents such as medical certificates, medical reports and treating practitioner questionnaires. Before completing such documents, the GP must complete a thorough medical assessment.

Your doctor will need to obtain a relevant history in order to help make a diagnosis and also to confirm that the medical condition is consistent with the circumstances as described by the worker. Importantly, the GP is not required to make a determination of fault (liability), only that the medical condition and description of injury are consistent. The GP also needs to perform a targeted examination, request appropriate investigations and document a clear medical diagnosis using acceptable medical terminology.


Depending on their findings, our GPs may supply:

  • Initial medical certificates
  • Continuing medical certificates
  • Certificates of fitness to return to work
  • Medical reports and treating practitioners’ reports


Relevant workers’ compensation authorities (links)

WorkCover Queensland www.workcoverqld.com.au

Comcare* www.comcare.gov.au * Comcare is the agency responsible for workplace safety, rehabilitation and compensation in the jurisdiction of the Australian Commonwealth Government


How to find the right doctor when you have a compensation claim

There is a lot of information around regarding compensation claims and the ‘right kind of doctor’ to help treat your injury or illness related to a claim for compensation. Meadowbrook Medical Centre offers GPs that are experienced in dealing with worker’s compensation cases and we can help separate fact from fiction.

“Is a work related compensation claim different to other compensation claims? Don’t I need to see the work doctor if I am injured at work?”

No, you don’t have to see a specific doctor for treatment. Your employer cannot force you to see a specific doctor of their choice. You can choose a doctor of your preference. We recommend you choose an experienced GP that you can trust.

“I know of someone who had to see a work doctor before they were allowed to return to work. What happens if I’m told I can’t go back to work unless I see the work doctor first?”

Your employer, WorkSafe and your employer’s WorkSafe insurer are permitted to request that you are assessed by a specific medical professional but this can only be for an assessment and not for treatment.

To be eligible for regular weekly compensation payments, you are required to provide a Workers’ Compensation Certificate of Capacity every 28 days. You can choose to have this certificate provided to you by your own personal doctor.

“Am I required to let my employer come with me to my doctor’s appointments? My employer says that they must be present for all compensation related appointments.”

Employers don’t have the right to demand to attend your personal medical appointments, irrespective of what condition you are seeking treatment for. You will not be deemed ineligible for payments or compensation by refusing your employer access to your appointments.